Top 25 Game (All Times) Part2

the top game all times part 2

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6) Starcraft
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard
Year Released: 1998

Synopsis: When you say the three letters RTS, there are a few games that immediately pop to mind. For millions of gamers, it's Starcraft. It remains as one of the most popular real-time strategy games played on the Internet around the world. For those of us that only revisit on occasion, there's still an immense amount to love.

StarCraft managed to create three wildly different factions in nearly all forms. Motivation, technology, and biology provided an amazing platform for a brilliant story and universe. Even more amazing was the ability to create checks and balances when none of the races shared units or even particular functions. Even the builder units acted much differently to fit the background of each race. The superb balance translated into enticing and addictive gameplay.

The galactic war between the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg proved to be one of the most entertaining pieces of software ever created and the unannounced sequel (we have hope) is still one of the most asked about games of the future.

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7) Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Interplay/Black Isle Studios
Year Released: 2000

Synopsis: Plenty of Dungeons and Dragons based PC RPGs have come out over the years, but Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn had the biggest impact. Riding the surge of praise after the release of Baldur's Gate in 1998, the sequel delivered an even more fully featured pseudo-turn-based combat system, expansive environments, a seemingly endless number of side quests, and a compelling narrative.

If there's a single element that makes BGII stand out, it's character. The game had a truly sinister, multi-faceted villain, as well as some hilarious NPC companions. Take Minsc, for example, a brash fighter who frequently consulted with Boo, his trusty hamster companion. If you never bothered with this when it first came out in 2000, you should pick up a copy this instant. It may not look so good anymore, but it's still one of the best RPGs ever made.

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8) Simcity 2000
Year Released: 1993

Synopsis: Fitter, happier, more productive. The citizens of your city are free to live long and happy lives presuming you have any clue what goes into city planning. If not, Simcity 2000 will give you a crash course to help create your own utopia and then allow you to smash it with an alien or monster attack when your citizens have grown too fat and lazy (they don't, but imagination opens up all kinds of possibility).

SimCity gave players an open sandbox in which to create their own perfect (or disastrous) city using a clever paint tool style interface. The more services a city had, the more attractive it would become to people hoping to move there. In addition to being sickeningly addictive, the title helped provide a base for players to educate themselves on the workings of a city and the dangers of crime and pollution.. SimCity 2000 is a sleeker model of the original and still one of the most ingenious and creative titles ever shipped for the PC.

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9) Half-Life 2
Developer: ValveSoftware
Publisher: Vivendi Games
Year Released: 2004

Synopsis: For many, the fist-person shooter genre really bloomed with the original Half-Life. While the game introduced grand new storytelling techniques and used atmosphere and tension to draw gameplay along, we decided for today's purposes that Half-Life 2 is simply the better game. Amazingly enough, the sequel did manage to best the original through the wide variety of gameplay provided. Whether it was straight up run and gun, vehicle combat, or physics based puzzles, there were no dull moments to be found in Gordon Freeman's assault on City 17.

The same story-telling techniques that made Half-Life so popular were back and improved thanks to character models with emotion (in voice and animation) and the brilliant dystopian City-17 of the future. The game immediately managed to draw us in and create the best single-player first-person shooter entertainment experience ever made on the PC. That long six year wait ended heroically.

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10) Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Year Released: 1999\

Synopsis: When it comes to old-school RTS games, no one did it bigger or better than Ensemble's Age of Kings. Though it lacked the sophisticated tactical action of Starcraft, Age of Kings' rock-paper-scissors combat model and its subtle balancing of a wide range of civilizations makes it one of the most enjoyable RTS games ever.

Sure, the historical setting required a bit of similarity among the unit types but the advantages and disadvantages of each civilization were so intriguing that no one side played like any other. Possessing one of the most engaging resource models in any RTS before or since, Age of Kings was just as much about your infrastructure as it was about your armies. The RTS has definitely evolved a lot over the last eight years but Age of Kings still represents the peak of what historical RTS games used to be.

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11) Sid Meier's Pirates!
Developer: Microprose
Publisher: Microprose
Year Released: 1987

Synopsis: It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since we first played through Sid Meier's Pirates!. Standing as one of the singularly most innovative and all-encompassing game experiences, the original Pirates! maintained it's position as one of the most beloved games of all time. Fortunately, an exciting remake a few years ago introduced a whole new generation to the joys of virtual swashbuckling.

Players choose whether to serve a European nation or whether to engage in a life of piracy and have to build their fortunes amid the turbulent waters of the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries. Engaging in ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions, dueling with a whole cast of villains, trading goods and recruiting sailors at exotic ports, seeking out lost treasures and rescuing your kidnapped family members, romancing governors' daughters, this game really has it all.

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12) Battlefield 1942
Developer: Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year Released: 2002

Synopsis: If true addiction has ever had a name in the offices of IGN, it's name was Battlefield 1942. No other game has inspired so many editors to give up their Friday nights in search of the perfect match in Stalingrad, Wake Island, or at the Battle of the Bulge. When you leave the office on Saturday morning and the sun is starting to come up, you know you have a good game on your hands. BF 1942 was that game.

It was the perfect blend of action and strategy across large maps filled to the brim with different types of vehicles and weapons. There's huge amounts of fun to be had whether you're playing a serious match or just screwing around having jeep races between capture points. No, the game was not perfect, but it ushered in a new era of large team-based first-person shooters and showed how much fun the chaoticly comic nature of a video game battlefield could be.

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13) System Shock 2
Developer: Looking Glass/Irrational Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year Released: 1999

Synopsis: Looking Glass and Irrational Game's System Shock 2 excelled in many ways, but perhaps the strongest was the genuinely frightening atmosphere and that pervaded throughout every polygon. Pitted against a seemingly ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence with a singularly haunting speaking voice, your character had to escape the clutches of monstrosities and altered crewmates aboard the space vessels Rickenbacker and Von Braun. The game, like many others on our list, emphasized player choice over strict, predetermined progress.

A widely varied and upgradeable skill set, as well as a large range of weapons and tools were at the players' disposal. It was a game that demanded precision as well, where player decisions had noticeable and lasting repercussions, since items degraded quickly with use, ammunition was difficult to come across, and there were multiple ways of tackling nearly every obstacle. System Shock 2 wove together compelling storytelling, oppressive atmosphere, a wide range of abilities, and addictive first-person RPG gameplay to create an experience impossible to forget, and still remains one of the most cohesive, affective games out there.

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14) Company of Heroes
Developer: Relic Studios
Publisher: THQ
Year Released: 2006

Synopsis: If there's a modern game that shows the potential for tactic heavy strategy titles, Relic's Company of Heroes is it. This is about as complete an RTS game as we've seen in history and will probably be the benchmark to which other new RTS titles are compared. There's very little wrong with the game at all. It provided a stunningly exciting and interesting campaign nearly the entire way through, offered a wealth of skirmish and multiplayer fun, and did so with two very unique sides where none of the units ever become obsolete on the battlefield. Add masterful production values, sound composition, and brilliant visual effects and you've got one hell of an entertainment piece. While a lot of the ideas in Company of Heroes have been taken from other games, they've all been polished so bright and shiny that most strategy gamers will keep wanting more.

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14) Company of Heroes
Developer: Relic Studios
Publisher: THQ
Year Released: 2006

Synopsis: If there's a modern game that shows the potential for tactic heavy strategy titles, Relic's Company of Heroes is it. This is about as complete an RTS game as we've seen in history and will probably be the benchmark to which other new RTS titles are compared. There's very little wrong with the game at all.

It provided a stunningly exciting and interesting campaign nearly the entire way through, offered a wealth of skirmish and multiplayer fun, and did so with two very unique sides where none of the units ever become obsolete on the battlefield. Add masterful production values, sound composition, and brilliant visual effects and you've got one hell of an entertainment piece. While a lot of the ideas in Company of Heroes have been taken from other games, they've all been polished so bright and shiny that most strategy gamers will keep wanting more.

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15) Grim Fandango
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Year Released: 1998

Synopsis: It may be hard for the younger crowd to believe but there was a time when LucasArts was known as the industry's best adventure game developer. With a roster of superlative titles, the company had already cemented it's reputation in the annals of gaming. Then they went one step further with a game that many consider the greatest adventure game of all time. Grim Fandago succeeds on a number of levels.

On the surface, there's a tremendous concept for the world that involves a Dia de los Muertos aesthetic and a bureaucratic take on the afterlife. These are merely backdrops however for a compelling story full of memorable characters and a series of challenging puzzles that are so well integrated into the plot that you almost forget that you're playing a game. Great music and genuinely funny humor round out the package nicely. Even if you don't normally like adventure games, you'll love this one.

wiil be continued

p.s: if you miss the part 1, go here


ah.. right now i so busy..
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anyways many of my friend is so busy and dont have time to chat with me
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why must busy... oh.. i forget.. they are all work.. must busy right.. <_<

today have cross-country practice, but i dont come to the practice~
lazy lol!!!
furthermore my lef hand is pain..
i dont know why.. but its pain!! my father has massage, but its still pain..

and also...i always reproved teachers.. all i do is wrong (most of thing)..
my teacher that teach History is not best..
when he teaching me, i was so sleepy.. moreover i sit beside the window and the wind make me sleepy..

last year.. most time i spent when teacher not teaching is sleeping..
coz i dont have anything to do.. read book!? so lazy..
but i cant sleep comfortable bacause my class is so noisy..
when headmaster walk across my class, all of them silent and noisy again..

and many of my friend follow the law of scholl.. but i broke the law
end of month the competition cross-country will be held.. maybe i will be the last or near last....
because i run not so fast but slowly and relax

this month is so busy! dont have so much time to play game..

anyways.. i will still be active to blog or game.. and dont sooooooooooo busy with your work
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Cat Girl with Master that Alergic to Cat

Title: Omamori Himari
Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Supernatural
Episodes: 12

A new anime just added on my profile.. I found this anime at animetake.. And hurry to download it.. Anyways this anime is about the cat-girl samurai that must to protect her master..
But her master that is Amakawa Yuto is allergic to cat (same as nyan koi!).. Oh.. i forgot.. the cat-girl name is Noihara Himari.. a little about details of Rinko..

-Yuuto's childhood friend. She's a little tomboyish with complex about her breasts size.
She helped him get out of his depression after his parents death.
She has a crush on him and easily get pissed when any other girl s flirting with him which mostly ends with Rinko torturing Yuuto.

Every morning.. Himari like to sleep with Yuuto.. that will make Rinko angry..

Yuto's grandmother have gave him a charm that protect Yuto from Ayakashi.. Ayakashi is the Japanese word for a ghost..

At the first episode, Rinko want to battle with Himari... if you watch this anime.. you realize that this anime is like game when meet Ayakashi or battle with anyone..

Back to the topic.. Rinko want fight Himari because Himari walks into Yuto life after Rinko take care of Yuto since his parents died..

But, Rinko win all of the match..

Btw, you must watch this anime or i will shoot you.. lol..

Top Geimu~ "part 1"

in this post, i will post about the top pc game at all time...
in part 1 i only show top 5 game...

(1) X-COM: UFO Defense
Developer: Mythos Games
Publisher: Microscope
Year Released: 1994

Synopsis: It may be old as hell and you may have to actually disable DirectDraw to get it to run these days but there's still no PC game that can compete with the mighty X-COM.

Conceptually it's one of the finest strategy games to ever appear on any system. Putting the player in charge of a worldwide defense against an alien invasion, the original X-COM combined elements of sophisticated base management, high-tech research, engaging roleplaying, thrilling tactical combat and a tense, terrifying story to create an experience that has yet to be duplicated by any other game. Leading your squads on missions to reclaim crashed UFOs or fighting house to house in an effort to repel alien terror attacks on major cities throughout the world were the highlights of the game but X-COM has plenty of other pleasures in store, from juggling personnel and equipment to keeping the nations of the world happy enough to sustain your budget. Simply put, there's no excuse for strategy fans not to break this one out and play through it again.


(2)Civillization IV

Developer: Firaxis
Publisher: 2k Games
Year Released: 2005

Synopsis: One of the Civilization games was absolutely going to be in the top 5 in this list, it was just a matter of which one we chose to occupy the spot.

For years, it was largely understood that Civilization II was the best in the series offering up complex strategy in a palatable and even graceful format.

Some out there would probably still argue that it's the best of the bunch, but we decided the latest went above and beyond that great title with more improvements than can be counted.

From the revamped damage system to the diplomatic improvements and inclusion of religion, Civillization IV provides the most addictive 4X experience on the market. Even worse for those of us incapable of quitting to desktop is the inclusion of a very workable multiplayer solution. Turn-based strategy has never been easy this way, but Firaxis managed to make it easy, make saves work, and make it easily as much fun as the single player if not more so. Civilization IV is a brilliant game.


(3) Star Wars TIE Fighter
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Year Released: 1994

Synopsis: Fans of space combat games will always have a soft spot to games like Wing Commander or Elite, but no game before or since has captured the drama and action of the genre as well as TIE Fighter. Benefiting from the lessons learned from the X-Wing game that launched the franchise, TIE Fighter boasted some of the best flight mechanics and mission design ever seen in a space combat game.

Long before Knights of the Old Republic gave us a chance to see what it's like to serve the Empire, TIE Fighter presented the opportunity for the player to become the villain. The Collector's Edition went one better by adding improved polygonal graphics and brilliant sound design. There have been a few imitators since this classic game was released, but none have come close to delivering the excitement and joy that we still find running secret missions for the Emperor.


(4)Rome: Total War
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Activision
Year Released: 2004

Synopsis: Creative Assembly's third entry in the Total War series represents some of the deepest, most polished, and addictive strategic gameplay out there. Fusing a 4X style overworld map with riveting real-time battles, there was a near overwhelming amount of expertly designed content to chew through.

The A.I. always put up a challenging fight, making aggressive overworld map moves and employing effective tactics on the battlefield. Rome offered even more complex siege battles, cities whose appearance reflected the structures placed therein, a wide range of highly detailed units, and unprecedented sound design. This is one of those games that when you start playing, it's near impossible to stop, and is certainly worthy of being considered one of the top PC games of all time.


Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Year Released: 1997

Synopsis: Fallout really had it all: dynamic, believable characters; a quality of narrative and storytelling too rarely seen in games; and the opportunity for players to drastically affect how events proceeded.

It was a game that above all else recognized and rewarded the player's free will. Fallout's fiction and game world were vivid, it's character development system deep, and it possessed an often hilarious tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Peering past the post-apocalyptic science fiction surface, deeper cultural themes become apparent, echoing notions of humanity's absurd fallacies hit on in novels like Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz. Though games like Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Planescape: Torment and plenty of others are all worthy of the PC RPG crown, this 1997 release from Interplay is our choice for the top of the heap.


the new pc game is just out!!!
i will show you the review..

Lord of The Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood Review

Release Date: 1 December 2010

"You are about to enter the first true battle of what will likely be our last war in Middle-earth." With that pronouncement, you enter the Mirkwood. From the golden shores of Lothlorien, we cross to the eastern shore of the Anduin where the forests have been corrupted by the forces of Sauron. It is a dark, dreadful place, filled with patrolling goblins, orcs, poisonous spiders, dank forests, and murky swamps. The foothold the elves have carved out is a pitiful bridgehead barely holding its own and we are assisting the elves in assaulting the orc fortresses and defending the ground they have gained. The content in The Lord of the Rings Online is much more linear and focused on narrative than many other MMOs, based as it is on the works of Tolkien. There is an overarching storyline to follow in the War of the Ring, and Turbine has done a great job in bringing the story and the atmosphere of it to The Lord of the Rings Online. From the Shadows of Angmar to the Mines of Moria, Turbine has created a game and a world that is at once both familiar and unpredictable. The Siege of Mirkwood is no different. The next chapter of the story as it were, we are brought into Southern Mirkwood. Dol Guldor is occupied by one of Sauron's lieutenants and that is what we are pushing for. Turbine has created a sense of impending doom as we move from the glorious sunlit wonder of Lothlorien, right into the frontlines of the battle. The atmosphere, the ambient sounds, the music, the immediate quests, all assist in creating that visceral urgency of being in the frontlines of a war zone. This then, is what we've been training for. All through the Shadows of Angmar, even through the "long dark" of the Mines of Moria, the War of the Ring has been a backdrop to our adventuring, but this, this is the frontline. No longer are we singing to trees; now we are patrolling the pickets, defending camps and assaulting the enemy.

The Siege of Mirkwood has been termed a "mini-expansion" by fans and certainly, it seems to be that as there's only one region, Southern Mirkwood, with nine areas within it. They are all dark, even in the day cycle, but still quite different from each other. Canyons and valleys and ruins mark one region, putrid swamp gases rise from another and the sense of being watched is high as you encounter goblins and orcs behind dead tree stumps and rocks. A high level expansion, The Siege of Mirkwood raises the player level cap to 65 and the Legendary item cap to 70. It also brings with it, several welcome changes to the game. Legendary items, introduced in the Mines of Moria, are equipment that changes with you as you level. The Identify skill now gives more information about the Legendary item so players will get a better sense of where the item is headed before they invest a great deal of time into it onl y to find it less than useful later on.

Mounts have become a skill rather than an inventory item, freeing up an inventory slot, and in exchange for a long summon, players can interact with NPCs while mounted instead of having to dismount each time and you can ride them through portals and stay mounted when you zone. More important is the change to combat. A change to the queuing of skills vis-a-vis auto-attack has made combat feel much more interactive and live, firing off when the skill is activated rather than a second or two later. This expansion also brings a new feature to the game, Skirmishes. Skirmishes are combat instances that can be run solo or with a fellowship. Accessible via the UI, players can choose between eleven different maps and set the difficulty level between one and four. It is an alternative path for advancement from level 30 on up, and designed to complement Session play. Both are deeply entwined into the lore and further develop the story of Middle-Earth. The tutorial for example, takes you back to the brigand invasion of Bree with you defending the Prancing Pony. They are replayable and contain enough randomized elements that each instance feels different. One of these random elements is the placement and types of Lieutenants (mini-bosses) that may enter the fray, and another is the additional objectives that show up as you play through the instance.

A feature of Skirmishes is the minion system. Each player is provided with a soldier that they can train, advance, pick traits for and assign roles to. However, the soldier is not a pet. Usable only in the skirmish system, they are AI controlled and can sometimes seem to run around aimlessly. They are meant to complement the player character and can be used as a healer, archer or warrior, etc. The Skirmish system has a separate reward system. Different types of Skirmish marks are earned and these are used to upgrade your soldier and to purchase rewards from vendors in Skirmish camps found outside major cities. A number of these Skirmishes are also part of the Epic Book and they feel more like full-scale battles than mere a mere skirmish. This sense of scale is greatly enhanced by the presence of soldiers together with your fellowship and their pets. A twelve-man instance can have twelve soldiers as well as the Captain and Loremaster pets, creating an allied force of over twenty-four. The Lord of the Rings Online always had beautiful graphics to complement the gameplay and this expansion is no different. The dark atmosphere of Mirkwood greatly enhances the immersiveness of the game. The graphics and animations of creatures such as the spiders, Orcs and Felbeasts are also second to none, and there are plenty to be seen, both in Mirkwood itself as well as in the instances. Turbine has also managed to do wonders with contrast and color saturation so you aren't just tempted to crank up the gamma on your screen. It's not all browns and grays. There are colors and shades of browns, greens and grays as well as intense black contrasting with the more subtle shades.

Lest you think this is an entirely outdoor zone, we then get to the end objective of Dol Guldor. A massive structure inhabited by one of Sauron's lieutenants and his Fell Beast. The walls and towers of Dol Guldor loom menacingly in the distance long before you reach them. The Hell Hawks circling the sky, the eerie silhouettes of dead trees, the tendrils of fog that creep along the ground, all contribute to the feeling of dread even before the beast flies overhead and your character cringes in response. There, players will raid in the sword halls and dungeons of Dol Guldor, and in the chambers of the tower itself, all the way up to the final tower raid for a 12-man raid against the Nazghul on his Fell Beast. If that isn't challenging enough, there's also a "challenge" mode in the Dol Guldor instances. Light the challenge brazier and the instance becomes much harder. More NPCs perhaps and/or more mini-bosses, or even all the mini-bosses at once and again, there is the randomization factor for replayability.

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Back to SchoolAgain~

new year has come and school will open again.. (actually school is everyday
ah... lazy to school.. go to school at 7.00 a.m and back home late evening.. if has class...
when December i not go anywhere..
just at home watching anime.. but many of my favourite anime is ended...
and new anime is just add to my profile at MAL.. the old anime will end when chirstmas..

i dont have idea what to rite.. so i only ended it here...
so... happy new year and back to school for student...


Happy New Year!!

Happy new year to everyone that know me or dant know..
Ahh... at last year 2009 is end... And know my place is hot.. Need water and wind more.. hehe...
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Master and Servant !!

Title: Ladies vs Butlers
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen

Just watch this anime yesterday.. What can i say about this anime is the plot is good but the picture is medium... I like the male character that is Hino Akiharo.. Want he go to school all female student unconscious.. lol.. i dont know why the female student unconscious.. maybe there is a scar on face Akiharo... Also, he call Flameheart Blonde Head Drill.. hahahaha.. Anyways, the principal of the school play game when meeting with the student..
There is some pic i take at myanimelist...

look.. the female student unconscious when see Akiharo...

whe i see this part i screaming!! she broke the pc!!! why!!! because the principal play game...

btw, Tomomi Saikyo is cruel.. she like to bullying Akiharo.. pity him..
some pic Saikyo bullying Akiharo

thats all for today..
Anyways, you must sure to watch this anime...