Magic Adventure

Title: Risen
Genre: RPG
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Publisher: Deep Silver, Koch Media
Platform: PC, Xbox 360

Faranga is a fictitious volcanic, mediterranean island with different sub-climates and vegetation zones. The island is inhabited by humans, as well as many fantastic creatures.

Recently, ancient temple ruins have risen from the ground, providing access to a network of interconnected underground areas such as catacombs and dungeons. As a result, the humans have put in place an Inquisition, forbidding anyone from exiting their city or the island.

In the intro cinematic the player's main, nameless character and a gypsie named Sara can be seen sneaking around on a small ship in the middle of stormy seas. As they get to deck, they see the Inquisitor, calling out to a Titan in the seas. The giant Titan rises through the waves, shrieking at the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor tries to battle the creature, but he realizes that the battle is lost and teleports off of the boat. Seconds later the Titan smashes the boat into little bits, sending Sara and the unnamed protagonist into the depths. The player character wakes up on the shores of Faranga in the midst of the storm, surrounded by dead bodies. Both he and Sara are unharmed.

The player must then choose a faction with which to align; Don Esteban (a group of bandits which had previously controlled the island, until the Inquisition exiled them from town), the Inquisition (a group of mages who have come to the island in order to explore the mysteries of the rising ruins), or the Warriors of the Order (the essential footsoldiers of the Inquisition who maintain peace and order). Soon after, the player becomes involved with the plans of the High Inquisitor Mendezo, who has discovered a temple leading into the heart of the volcano. He plans to gain access to it, but requires the assistance of the main character in finding the five Crystal Disks, which function as keys for the temple.

Once the player has gathered the five Disks, which had been scattered across the island, the Inquisition enters the Volcano Keep. There, it is discovered that a legendary Titan, along with the Titan Lord Ursegor (a human who had sought to control the power of the titans), have been imprisoned. It is revealed that Faranga has been protected by the storms because of the Titan's presence, while the mainland has been ravaged by the other Titans, which were set free when the Gods were exiled by humanity. Inquisitor Mendoza seeks to gain control of the Fire Titan inside the volcano, in order to defeat the other Titans. In removing the Titan from its prison, Faranga would become vulnerable to the mystical storms and would effectively be sacrificed for the sake of humanity.

After releasing Ursegor from the curse which tethered his spirit to the Volcano Keep, the player sets out to find the Titan Lord's armor pieces, so that he can gain access to the Fire Titan and defeat Mendoza. The armor pieces were sealed in the ruins with the Undead Priests; the player explores the risen ruins, retrieves the armor, and enters the Volcano Keep behind Mendoza. Mendoza falls in battle, and the player defeats the Fire Titan.

The ending suggests that Faranga has been spared from destruction, but that four more Titans continue to ravage the mainland. After the credits roll, dialogue between the main character and Patty, the daughter of an infamous pirate, suggests that the two will travel to the mainlain to fight the Titans in a sequel.

Positive: Many options, many characters, attractive mission
Negative: less satisfying war, have bug, less interesting blonde
Rank: 76/100

Another new software from AutoDesk. AutoDesk Maya 2010 is first software which combines all feature AutoDesk Maya 2009 and AutoDesk Maya Unlimited 2009 such as fit capacity movement developed and dynamic rate composition high.

This mean AutoDesk Maya software users no longer to get the two separate software because it have been consolidated into one single package able to be owned.

AutoDesk Maya 2010 also enhanced by offering developed simulation equipment for you are working with Maya Nucleus, nCloth Maya or Maya Fluid Effect.

High efficiency composition; professional camera detector; and five addition Mental Ray to complete CG work flow of node Randering Maya, AutoDesk BackBurner and management waiting Render network also among new feature offering in software this time.


Maya Complete 2009 + Maya Unlinited 2009. 3D Modeling/ Animation/ Set of Tools Rendering/ Simulation/ Technology Composition/ SDK/ Script Capacity. Maya Embedded Language [MEL]/ Phython Script API C++. 5 Addition Metal Ray/ Maya Nucleus/ Camera Detector Profesional. Compatible Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ 64-bit

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All pics that have only Fate in them, all are safe.
NSFW material and parodies are in separate sections.


All pics that have only Nanoha in them, all are safe.
NSFW material and parodies are in separate sections.

5x Batch
  • Knight oNS ( 6 character folders & one for mixed content )
  • Forward Stars ( 2 character folders, the root is for mixed )
  • Forward Lightning ( 2 character folders, root for mixed )
  • Other Characters ( 7 character folders, root for the all the rest )
  • Mixed ( character combinations, everything from Fate - Nanoha to group etc, excepting ones with only the knights & Hayate )


Translated and untranslated 4koma etc.

5x Batch (again)
  • Unsorted & Unknown (anything that I couldn't identify properly)
  • Scans & Photos (the scans really refer to the really texty versions, the rest is self-explanatory)
  • Sketches & Greyscape (everything black and white, line art, but not limited to the said)
  • Specials & Sets (images that are somewhat special, like that awesome Tea cross-play, or sets, like a set of chibis etc.)
  • Tricks ( think of it as animation, also sprites etc, however the flash files of the circles are in the above category)

Final Batch
  • Parodies (funny images or just very out of character images etc. )
  • NSFW Images (pantsu, etchii, or images that are just wrong~ etc)

Chibi game online

Luna Online is a story about a fantasy world that goes by many names - Luna, Land of Blue, The Floating Stone, etc. They're all expressive of an adorable land where demons and monsters have taken over normal creatures and made them evil. It's the players' ultimate goal to help rid the land of this iniquity, which is greater than anything ever before seen. It can't be defeated by a single person.

Along with the main arc, there are hundreds of side quests involving everything from chipping away a rock sample to discovering a creature... and dancing dancing for it

From a player's standpoint, this means that social interaction is really the key to having fun and being successful in Luna Online. So many other MMOs have become really guided, hand-holding experiences that are essentially solo. We are trying to move away from that as much as possible by making social interaction not just a means to an end, but part of the content as a whole. Our players are as big a part in the gameworld as the NPCs, mobs or anything else.

Eya Interactive is based in Seoul, Korea, and currently has 110 staff members supporting five titles. The company has also developed Dark Story Online (also known as Moxiang or Titan Online), and is currently working on Iris Online.

when you play luna online you can:

dating with your DD partner

kill the boss that other player summon

use your cool skill (the above image is not so cool)

also, you can do a quest and can get wing to fly over the world of luna online..

you can register your username at:

US server


MY server

you can download the game from


if you want to meet me in the game, i use US server and my i.g.n is kaziru...
yau will have a fun want you playing luna online...

for more info visit Here or Here

Need Less

Titles: Needless
Genre: science-fiction, comedy, action
Episodes: 24

Needless.. anime that many similarities with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Needless is full of incredibly good stuff, with fantastic art. The music, is brilliant. While pretty much unnoticible in most parts of the show, it is when the action kicks off that the music really gets going.

The battle screne was epic..
The visuals are good, with a suitable style for a show of its type... The slapstick humour, funny characters, science fiction and the epic battle scenes all combine together to provide an extremely enjoyable series...

The OP cool. I like the music played throughout other parts of the show as well. It's very nice.

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Nanoha Rainmeter Skin

Rainmeter doesn't exactly mimic the taskbar's functionality. Currently it is not particularly capable of displaying what windows you have open.

Though, Rainmeter is an awesome launch bar, and do much more.

Rainmeter does include some very nice skins, many people like to create their own. While Rainmeter was designed to make skin creation simple, it is not necessarily intuitive for new skinners. To help we have created a set of tutorials that will teach you how to make some simple skins. First, there are some basics that you need to know. I have some tutorial how to edit rainmeter skin

How to edit skins

Editing skins is a very simple manner. While every skin is a file with the extension ".ini", they're really just regular text documents. You can open any skin file with Notepad (or your preferred text editor) and edit them directly. It is important that your editor be a plaintext editor. That means no programs like Microsoft Word, Works, or any other document editor. You'll want one that does just text without the formatting.

Once a skin is edited, Rainmeter will reflect the changes the next time it is refreshed. If the skin is already running, you will have to refresh it manually. Otherwise, just start the skin and your changes should be there.

How to create a new skin

To create a skin, you must first find your skins folder. If you installed Rainmeter normally, the skins folder will be found in one of these locations:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\
Windows Vista and 7: C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins

Basically, just head over to "My Documents" and look for the "Rainmeter" folder. In there you'll find the "Skins" folder. Once you're in there, make a new folder. Call this folder whatever you like. Within this folder make a new text document and call it whatever you like. Make sure that the text document's file extension is ".ini" and not ".txt". There you have it. You now have a brand new, albeit empty, skin. If you right-click the Rainmeter icon in the taskbar and choose "Refresh All", your new skin will be available for use. Don't start it up yet though, it doesn't do anything!

How to install skins

If you have a skin that was downloaded from he internet, installing it is very similar to creating a new skin. First, if the skin came in an archive (such as ".zip" or ".rar") you will need to extract it. Once the files are extracted, make sure that they are all contained within a single folder. Often, skin makers will havev this folder already in the archive. Otherwise, you will have to make it yourself. Move this folder to your Skins directory (one of the paths show in the section above). If Rainmeter is already running, right-click the icon in the taskbar and choose "Refresh All". Your downloaded skin should now appear in the "Configs" list.

Loading a skin

To load a skin, first make sure that Rainmeter is already running. Right-click the icon in the taskbar to open the context menu and navigate to "Configs". Here, a list of all of the folders in your Skins directory should appear. From there just choose the folder holding the skin you want and load up the appropriate .ini file.

NOTE: You can only load one .ini file from a specific folder at once. If you want two skins to run simultaneously you will need to have each one in its own folder.

A word about the tutorials

Now that you know how to actually make, install and load the files for skin, you can move on to the real meat of skin creation. The following tutorials will start off simple and get more and more complex, each one adding new concepts of Rainmeter. The good thing is that at the end, you will always have something to show for it. If you are new to Rainmeter, it is highly recommended that you go through these in order, as each one will assume that you understand the concepts of the previous tutorial. That being said, it is highly recommended that you play with the skins! When you are given values, change them around to see what happens. Make all of these tutorial skins look the way you want them to. Rainmeter is all about customization, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Good luck!

Seitokai no Ichizon

Titles: Seitokai no Ichizon
Genre: Harem, Comedy Parody
Episode: 13

This anime filled with parody, comedy and harem variety which is it level are equally with Hayate no Gotoku and Seto no Hanayome.

The characters in this story are very funny and have amusing personalities. Sugisaki never fails to amuse me because he is always over dramatizing things and he adds a lot of amusement to the series. Wishing for his harem end is a typical anime male trait, but the fact that he has it so planned out that it is beyond the expectations of a planned ending. I think Kondo-san had fun doing Sugisaki with the impressions and all...

Parodies and references to other anime are fast and furious in the anime, much enjoyable for those who've watched many anime. Full of comedy.

It's the only harem show where the male lead are aiming for his own endless harem!!

I'm still afraid if those kind of gag or references will frequently been used in future and eventually drags to boring stage or they're considerate enough to injects with a new freshly absurdity to make my stomach exploded every weeks

Nyan Koi! Meow~

Titles: Nyan Koi!
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem
Episode: 12

I watch this anime when i know the main character (Junpei) can talk with a cat. lol. Its weird right? At that time my mind talking 'anime can doing anything although its impossible in reality world'.

Btw, this anime have a good plot and the animation is good.

If you like to laugh then this anime will have you laughing quite a bit. Although i wouldnt necesarily call it a comedy anime it certainly seems to have a good bit of it. All in all it's good enough to satisfy the girl that's in love with dolls and the guy that likes to drive cars. In other words it's a universal anime.


Title: Kampfer
Genre: action, comedy, romance
Episode: 12


Bishoujo battle & school love comedy. Senou Natsuru is a normal high school boy. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger "Harakiri Tora" gains a life and tells him to fight as a female psychic fighter "Kämpfer". Having no idea about what's going on, Natsuru is involved in the battles against other Kämpfers.


As far as i have seen this show i must say that i am impressed for what they have done with it.Also this series is a lot of fun to watch because of the typical man to woman transformation and the guy not knowing witch way to turn.
The art is nicely done and is a little better in my eyes than other anime i have seen.The voice acting is a little wierd but you'll get used to it very quickly.
I have high hopes for this series although it is a little short.
But as far as i have seen it now and laughed my ass of at some moments i really think this anime is worth watching.

lets hope for the best.